SolCart Retro fit Kit

PlanetUp Technologies brings you SolCart - a Retro-fit kit for your golf cart that allows you to harness the power of the sun.

In the past, companies have created solar-powered options for golf carts that were more “solar-assisted charging” than solar-powered.

What do we mean by this?



Other solar kits can only charge the cart’s battery 17 - 30%


SolCart Retro Fit Kit charges your cart’s battery 100%




Consider this: if your cart was at a dead stop, those other kits would require 3 FULL DAYS to partially charge the battery, but SolCart will charge your cart from deadstop to 100% in under 4 hours!



When you go Solar

You want Solar Powered

not solar-assisted



Golf carts that have been retro-fitted with SolCart capture and convert sunlight into energy that is able to power electric golf carts every day of the year: even cloudy days!



• Results in better environmental, financial and operational performance for your golf cart!

• Allows CO2 emission-free charging and driving!

• Golf carts equipped with SolCart continuously charge while in use, meaning less “range anxiety” and less likelihood of being stranded on the course!

• Financial benefits including reduced energy costs AND a 30% Federal Tax Credit!

• Continuous charging has been shown to almost double the life of your battery: ANOTHER financial benefit!

• Provides visual evidence of your commitment to social and environmental responsibility! The best way to go green and save green on the green!




We stand by our product and its integrity. Each of our SolCart Retro Fit Kits comes with a money back guarantee. If your SolCart equipment malfunctions due to material or manufacturing defect in the first 30 days after installation we will gladly replace the system or provide you with a refund!

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