Smart Sun Case



• Brand new 3000mAh Solar Powered Charger Case Back Up Battery for iPhone 5 / 5s;

• Durable, Lightweight, hard-shell construction with soft touch grip side sections;

• Energy Saving and environmental protection;

• Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery;

• Advanced battery protection technology prevents overcharging;

• Internal batetry doubles the run time of the iPhone 5/ 5s;

• Innovative design is not only an external battery, but also a fitting protector for iPhone;

• Full Access to touch screen;

• Compatible with standard USB charging port;

• Solar panel can constantly charge the battery under sunshine or anywhere as long as there is light;

• Charged by solar power or iPhone 5 lightning USB cable (not included);

• LED charge indicator for solar light;

• Four battery power status LED indicators;

• Compatible with iPhone 5/ 5s;

• Comes with USB cable;

• 3000mAh mini USB solar power battery charger case for iPhone 4/ 4s;

• Provide one more USB output at the same time.



How the solar charge works is perhaps one of the most important features to understand. Our system charges your battery at the same speed as if your cellphone would be charging by a cell phone charger.



• Input: DC 5V 1A

• Output: DC 5V 1.0A

• Current: 3000mAh

• Solar Panel Output: 5.5V 110mAh in full sun

• Color: Black / White

Package includes:

One 3000mAh solar powered charger case back up battery for iPhone 5 / 5s in retail package.



When you get the battery, it may not be able to charge by sunlight at once. You may need to charge it with an AC adapter or USB charger when the first time use

This is the way to use this battery:

• Plug the iPhone to the case;

• Press the button next to the blue LED twice, and the LED will flash;

• After the LED flashing, it will start charging;

• When finish charging your iPhone, press the button for 4 seconds to turn the battery off.

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