Why Should You Buy a SolCart Retro-Fit Kit for Your Electric Golf Cart?

Reduce your Electric Bill: By harnessing the power of the sun instead of relying on plugging in your batteries to charge you can reduce your cost of maintaining the charge of your golf cart’s batteries.

Double the Life of Your Battery: The number of times a battery can be cycled before it is worn out increases significantly as the percentage depth of discharge declines. In other words, the battery will last approximately twice as long if it is continually being charged. There is sulfur in the acid that has a tendency to settle, and become a solid, as the battery is discharged. To keep the sulfur mixed with the acid, the battery has to be recharged. A battery that is being charged continuously has a boiling effect which keeps the sulfur from seperating from the acid and becoming a solid, thus yielding an increased battery life.

Eliminate The Chances of Being Stranded. We’ve all seen people stranded on the golf course because of dead batteries. With SolCart you can be sure it won’t be you stuck on the course as the batteries continually charge while you golf!

Reduce Global Warming Greenhouse Gases from Entering the Atmosphere. Each SolCart saves more than 12 barrels of oil or 2200 lbs of coal over a the course of a golf cart’s life, providing substantial benefits to quality of air and the environment.


Will I Still Need to Plug In My Golf Cart with a SolCart Retro-fit Kit?

The difference between a SolCart Retro-fit Kit and the other “solar powered” golf carts on the market is this: our panels collect the same energy but the SolBrain is able to make that energy 1200% more effective for your golf cart’s battery. This means that while you CAN plug in your cart, under normal circumstances, you won’t NEED to plug it in.


How Long will the SolCart Retro-fit Kit Last?

Our system is designed with long operating and low maintenance in mind. Not only does the kit come with a 10-year warranty of the cart-top parts, a 5-year power warranty on the solar panels and a 1-year limited warranty for material and manufacturing defects, it also is easily transferable should you buy a new golf cart in the mean time!


Does the SolCart still work in cloudy weather?

Yes. SolCart will charge more quickly and more efficiently on sunny days, however it will still produce sufficient power on days with cloudy skies. Since most of the time you spend on the course will be in better weather the savings are not greatly affected by cloud cover and the reduced power production.


What happens to my SolCart when I Buy a New Golf Cart?

A qualified mechanic or authorized SolCart installer can easily relocate your SolCart to the new golf cart so that you can continue to realize savings by going solar!


What are my Maintanence Costs on the SolCart Retro-fit Kit?

None! There are no moving parts or fluids that need to be replaced. As long as the sun keeps shining you will continue to reap the rewards of energy savings!


Do the Solar Panels Mount on my Existing Canopy?

Yes! When you order your SolCart Retro-fit Kit one of our authorized SolCart installers will come out and install the solar panels on your existing canopy as well as connect all of the required electrical components and wires.


How do the Panels Connect to my Batteries?

Professional installation is INCLUDED when you order your SolCart. One of our authorized SolCart installers will come out and install the solar panels as well as connect all of the required electrical components and wires. Should you ever encounter any issues with your SolCart system please contact our customer service line.


How Long Has Solar Technology Been in use on Electric Golf Carts?

There have been a number of companies that have offered “solar power” for golf carts for 15 years; however, the SolCart is the first of its kind with regard to charging capabilities. Never before has a solar-powered golf cart been able to be FULLY CHARGED by the sun alone. Now you can harness the power of the sun and unplug from the costly electric companies!


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